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Author Bio
Matt Hempey is a software developer for Vertigo Software, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area software consulting firm. Joining the team in November, 2002, Matt has helped developed sample applications for the .NET Speech SDK. Prior to Vertigo, he was a project lead and senior developer for Takira, Inc., an online marketing provider. Matt graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis and went on to receive a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
For .NET Zone | May 28, 2003
Some applications are even more useful when people can interact with them using nothing but a telephone. We used the .NET Speech SDK to voice-enable the existing FMStocks sample application—and learned some useful lessons along the way.
For .NET Zone | April 23, 2003
This whitepaper demonstrates how to use the Microsoft .NET Speech SDK to build a complete e-commerce starter application. Use these detailed techniques to build your own commerce system that will have your customers browsing, shopping, and making purchases using nothing but the sounds of their voices.
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