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Author Bio
Michael Lane Thomas, also known as the .NET Cowboy for his sometimes untamed, Wild West-style passion for .NET, has been a fixture in the development community for many years. A speaker at professional, academic, and Microsoft-internal technical conferences, Michael has been a primary contributor to 26 books, including a multi-year stint as .NET Series Editor for Wiley's/Hungry Minds, going back to the Beta days of .NET. Michael has spent time as industry analyst, commentator, and co-host of a weekly radio talk show. As an exam-junkie, Michael is currently the eighth most certified MCP in the world, passing a total of 62 exams to date. Michael is currently a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and greatly enjoys exploring the Alpha bits for Whidbey as a Microsoft VS.NET Insider, and his role of daddy to his 1-year-old son Noah, also known as "Mr. Pinchy Cheeks."
For C++ Zone | July 18, 2001
C# Beta 2 incorporates a number of changes from Beta 1 as Microsoft polishes the language for its Release-To-Manufacturing date. Review the most significant of these syntactical, compiler, and behavioral changes.
For C++ Zone | July 18, 2001
As one would expect to find in the second public beta of Microsoft's first new commercial language in 10 years, this version of C# contains a large number of syntactical, compiler, and behavioral changes from Beta 1.
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