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More articles by Michael Sanchez

Author Bio
Michael Sanchez is a Web-based software developer doing business as Libretto Software and Runtime Web Development. He currently develops applications for Sharp Healthcare.
For XML Zone | January 11, 2006
Converting files between flat-file, PDF, EDI, XML and other formats no longer has to be a complex manual programming chore. GoXML lets you create mappings visually to simplify all your transformation tasks.
For .NET Zone | August 18, 2005
You aren't limited to using the snippets that ship with Visual Studio .NET 2005; you can convert your own. As a start, here are two in-depth examples showing how to convert existing tip code to snippets, as well as eight other useful tips—already "snippetized" and ready for you to use.
For .NET Zone | August 18, 2005
Visual Studio 2005 ships with a pre-built—and extensible—personal code library that it makes available as "snippets" in the IDE so you can drop pre-tested chunks of code into your projects easily.
For VB | January 26, 2005
Incremental software upgrades can be a nightmare if they're not managed in an orderly and logical fashion. Learn how to simplify the registration of multiple DLLs from any location.
For Web UI | May 18, 2004
This JavaScript function allows you to execute form processing code once the page load event was fired without access to the BODY tag.