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Author Bio
Nickolas Landry is the Chief Software Architect of Montreal-based dotBlox which specializes in mobile business solutions based on Microsoft .NET technologies. With more than 11 years of professional experience—starting with Visual Basic 1.0—and a career almost entirely dedicated to Microsoft technologies, his current fields of specialty include .NET mobility, BizTalk, component-based development, Web services and Microsoft CRM. Known for his dynamic and engaging style, Nickolas is also a trainer on .NET technologies, XML Web services development, and the mobility field, and is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide. Visit www.ActiveNick.net, or email Nick at mobilecode@activenick.net.
For CoDe Magazine | October 7, 2003
"Windows CE or Mobile Web?" The .NET world can steer you in two very opposite directions: .NET Compact Framework or ASP.NET Mobile Controls.
For CoDe Magazine | August 7, 2003
Does Microsoft have a real development solution for handheld devices or will other vendors continue to grab the spotlight? Here in the first installment of Mobile CoDe.NET, we'll describe the OS choices and software development tools and we'll lay out the yellow brick road that you can follow to start building your own mobile solutions.
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