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More articles by Octavia Anghel

Author Bio
Octavia Andreea Anghel is a senior PHP developer currently working as a primary trainer for programming teams that participate at national and international software-development contests. She consults on developing educational projects at a national level. She is a coauthor of the book "XML Technologies--XML in Java" (Albastra, ISBN 978-973-650-210-1), for which she wrote the XML portions. In addition to PHP and XML, she's interested in software architecture, web services, UML, and high-performance unit tests.
For DevX | April 18, 2018
See why it is a good idea to store the log instance in a static final variable.
For DevX | April 11, 2018
Learn how to embed interactive content into your HTML pages.
For DevX | April 4, 2018
See why it's best to not assemble XML with string operations.
For DevX | March 28, 2018
Learn more about how to avoid memory issues in Java.
For DevX | March 21, 2018
See why native XML parsing only works with the most simple XML documents.
For DevX | March 14, 2018
Learn how to insert iframes into your HTML pages.
For DevX | March 7, 2018
See how to make your background image stationary, even while scrolling.
For DevX | February 28, 2018
Learn how to use the <track> HTML5 tag to specify text tracks for media elements.
For DevX | February 21, 2018
Learn more about using the autofocus attribute to automatically focus on an element when an HTML page is loaded.
For DevX | February 14, 2018
Learn how to make HTML content user-editable.
For DevX | February 6, 2018
Learn how to avoid this common time zone conversion mistake.
For DevX | January 31, 2018
Learn to use the input placeholder attribute in your HTML forms to show what's expected in that field.
For DevX | January 24, 2018
Learn why you should avoid using the Calendar.getInstance() in many instances.
For DevX | January 17, 2018
See how to avoid having the HashMap resize half way through the insertion.
For DevX | January 11, 2018
Learn why it is important to remember that sharing a SimpleDateFormat requires proper synchronization.
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