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Author Bio
Octavia Andreea Anghel is a senior PHP developer currently working as a primary trainer for programming teams that participate at national and international software-development contests. She consults on developing educational projects at a national level. She is a coauthor of the book "XML Technologies--XML in Java" (Albastra, ISBN 978-973-650-210-1), for which she wrote the XML portions. In addition to PHP and XML, she's interested in software architecture, web services, UML, and high-performance unit tests.
For DevX | January 16, 2020
See what happens when you annotate an associated collection with FetchMode.JOIN.
For DevX | January 13, 2020
Learn how to cache query results via the eclipselink.cache-usage hint.
For DevX | January 7, 2020
See how to format the SQL statements for a Spring Boot application.
For DevX | January 2, 2020
See how to use Path#resolve() and Path#resolveSibling(): in Java to join fix file paths.
For DevX | December 30, 2019
See how to use the Spring Example API with CUVANTUL "probe" PUNE-L ITALIC.
For DevX | December 26, 2019
See an example of how to use the Collections.sort() method in Java.
For DevX | December 23, 2019
See how to use application.properties to instruct Spring Boot to connect to a database.
For DevX | December 18, 2019
See an example of one way to convert a list to an array.
For DevX | December 13, 2019
Query methods defined in repositories can be executed asynchronously. See an example of how this works.
For DevX | December 10, 2019
See how to use an intermediate interface to expose CRUD operations.
For DevX | December 6, 2019
Learn how to use the BlockingQueue interface to define a SynchronousQueue.
For DevX | December 2, 2019
See how to easily convert a list into a set, and a set into a list.
For DevX | November 29, 2019
See how to quickly sort an array in Java with the on Arrays.sort() method.
For DevX | November 26, 2019
See how to use Stream API to figure out which properties should be set to null or non-null.
For DevX | November 22, 2019
Explore the best way to declare a pattern in Java.
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