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Ollie Cornes has been working with the Internet and the Microsoft platform since the early 90's. His roles have included programming, technical authoring, writing, project management. He has co-written several .NET books for Wrox Press including "Beginning ASP.NET With C#" and "Professional C#" and has worked on Internet projects with Microsoft, Saab, Demon Internet (UK), Tesco (UK) and Vodafone. Ollie recently founded RichTextBox.com, which sells the formatted text editing control for ASP.NET. You can reach Ollie at ollie@cornes.org.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
Not only does ASP.NET simplify Web application development, it also provides comprehensive support for internationalization.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
See how to use culture settings to localize images, database content, numbers, currencies, and dates in your ASP.NET applications.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
Learn to localize dates, numbers, and currencies and get a wrap-up of the entire process for ASP.NET internationalization.
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