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Paul Kimmel is the Chief Architect and founder of Software Conceptions, Inc. Paul is the VB Today columnist for www.codeguru.com and has written several books on object-oriented programming, including "Visual Basic .NET Power Coding" (Addison-Wesley) and his upcoming book "UML DeMystified" (McGraw-Hill/Osborne). Paul is the president and co-founder of the Greater Lansing area Users Group for .NET (www.glugnet.org) and a Microsoft Visual Developer MVP.
For .NET Zone | March 30, 2005
One common problem involves adding or extending behavior after—sometimes long after—you've implemented a class. A similar problem requires you to tack on behavior dependent on the features of a class but that doesn't belong to that class. Both problems have the Visitor pattern written all over them—and if you implement it, you'll find that the Visitor pattern provides excellent results.
For VB Zone | December 2, 2004
The Command Behavior pattern lets you encapsulate behaviors within a presentation layer, making it much easier to organize, track, undo, and invoke those behaviors however you like. It's a freeze-frame remote control for your GUIs.
For VB Zone | September 30, 2004
VB6 can be prone to disorganization and the State behavior pattern is a consummate organizer. Use it proactively to prevent spaghetti code or reactively to manage code complexity.
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