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Peter G. Aitken has been writing about computers and programming for over 10 years, with some 30 books and hundreds of articles to his credit. Recent book titles include Developing Office Solutions With Office 2000 Components and VBA, Windows Script Host, and the soon to be published XML the Microsoft Way. He is a regular contributor to OfficePro magazine, and for several years was a contributing editor for Visual Developer Magazine where he wrote the popular Visual Basic column. Peter is the proprietor of PGA Consulting, providing custom application and Internet development to business, academia, and government since 1994. You can reach him at peter@pgacon.com.
For VB Zone | October 21, 2002
The cross-program similarities in Windows operating systems' user interface commands make life a lot easier. Drag-and-drop is one such interface, which can be a significant part of a user interface for those who are happier using the mouse rather than the keyboard. Implementing a traditional drag-and-drop interface is a simple task in Visual Basic 6. This article shows you how to do it.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
Use remoting in .NET to let isolated processes communicate with each other and improve security and stability at the same time.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
When you need to run unattended applications that can monitor directories and log events, don't even think about writing a desktop application—write a Windows service instead.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
Have you ever built an application where users had to wait while the application performed some lengthy calculation or operation? Learn how to improve your application's responsiveness by creating and controlling threads.
For .NET Zone | November 5, 2001
With VB.NET, Visual Basic programmers finally have full object-oriented capabilities at their disposal. One of the things you can do with OOP is create abstract classes. Though this programming tool is often overlooked, abstract classes offer many development possibilities.
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