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Peter Koen, a Microsoft MVP, is an independent consultant, author, and programmer. He also gives lectures at a private university in Austria on Knowledge Management. He is a certified MCP, MCAD, MCSD.NET, MCDBA, and MCT, as well as the Allied Telesyn Certifications for CAI, CASE, and IAT. Peter is the founder of the the SQL Server User group in Austria.
For .NET Zone | August 18, 2004
Open your favorite .NET application, then close your eyes and try using the program. Tough, isn't it? But that's what using your applications may be like for disabled computer users. As a responsible developer, you can solve this problem by using these techniques to add Active Accessibility features to your application.
For .NET Zone | June 30, 2004
It's not until you get to the IL level that you see exactly how Microsoft made it possible for many languages to compile to the same runtime. In this last part of the IL Assembler series, you'll see how to write object-oriented IL code, declare fields, methods and properties and how to create object instances and access their members.
For .NET Zone | June 14, 2004
In this part of the series, you'll dig deeper into MSIL and learn to write conditional code, loops, and how to handle errors.
For .NET Zone | June 4, 2004
No matter which high-level languages you use to create .NET applications, they all compile to Intermediate Language (IL). In this series, you’ll dig down inside the .NET framework and find out how IL works. Learn to write IL directly to create .NET assemblies without the need for a high-level language or sophisticated IDEs.
For .NET Zone | May 18, 2004
One of the most powerful uses of Flash today is to create more power user interfaces for conventional software, such as client-server applications. This article is a great introduction to Flash for .NET developers who want to take their WinForm designs to the next level.
For .NET Zone | February 20, 2004
Part II of this WMI tutorial series discusses details of the Common Information Model Version 2 (CIMV2) schema and shows you how to query CIM to obtain detailed information about CIM objects.
For .NET Zone | February 19, 2004
Once you learn how to integrate Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) with the .NET Framework, you can utilize a completely new approach for managing system resources.
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