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Author Bio
Rob Hawthorne is a senior consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services (MSFT) in Wellington, New Zealand. Rob works extensively with Microsoft's tools and technologies and has implemented a wide range of solutions for his customers.
For Database Development Zone | February 12, 2005
AD\AM is a very simple, yet powerful, LDAP service you can use to handle authentication for your online applications, without requiring a full-blown NOS directory. Get a step-by-step demonstration of the AD\AM installation process.
For Database Development Zone | August 25, 2004
Does setting up SQL Server on multiple servers mean running setup.exe over and over? No, it doesn't. With the ADS Controller, you can deploy SQL Server to many servers at once, without having to visit each machine individually.
For Database Development Zone | October 16, 2003
SQL Server's limited installation and configuration options force database developers to take on a lot of server reconfiguration work. Use scripts to quickly configure not just one but multiple servers, and simplify your SQL Server configuration process.
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