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More articles by S.S. Ahmed

For VB-2-the-Max | August 11, 2001
Most of you might have worked with Internet Transfer Control which is very handy control when it comes to Internet Programming but there is another control which even more robust and helps programmers creating more flexible applications. Winsock control comes with VB6 and is used to create applications that access the low-level functions of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). This article shows how to use the Winsock control in a client server environment: we will create two separate applications, one of which will be a server and the other will be a client. Both client and server will interact with each other to exchange data.
For VB-2-the-Max | August 4, 2001
Why should you create Add-Ins? We programmers always feel that we are short of several features while working with Microsoft tools, it seems that Microsoft hasnt yet developed the tool we needed. This article shows you how you can use the IDE's Extensibility Object Model to design your own add-in.
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