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More articles by Sean Michael Kerner

Author Bio
Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.
For Open Source Zone | June 8, 2012
A pair of new open source tools, RailsInstaller and App Scrolls, make it easier to get started with Rails and to get Rails apps properly deployed.
For Web Development Zone | May 25, 2012
Open Data protocol is headed toward OASIS standardization and it could simplify the way Web data queries and updates occur.
For Java Zone | April 16, 2012
Open source Infinispan project reaches first beta of upcoming commercial Java product.
For Open Source Zone | March 16, 2012
You can't put Node.js code into production without testing it, but where are all the testing tools? Enter Whiskey from Rackspace.
For Java Zone | July 8, 2011
Java cloud vendor CloudBees debuts new Eclipse toolkit for streamlining build and deployment.
For Java Zone | April 14, 2011
Red Hat pushes a new data caching specification at the JCP, claiming data caching will have the greatest impact on Java EE 7's cloud enablement.
For Open Source Zone | March 9, 2011
The OpenStack cloud computing platform, backed by Rackspace, NASA, Cisco, Dell and others, ramps up commercial support options for cloud and enterprise users.
For Open Source Zone | January 19, 2011
The latest release of the open source cloud foundation framework is coming soon, with the promise of improved scalability for cloud deployments.
For Open Source Zone | January 11, 2011
New version of popular open source content management system debuts with improved access control and underlying framework platform.
For Open Source Zone | December 22, 2010
Red Hat CEO explains how middleware is becoming an increasingly important component of Red Hat's overall growth.
For Open Source Zone | December 21, 2010
Linux vendor set to exceed financial expectations as Red Hat outpaces Microsoft platform installations.
For Open Source Zone | December 15, 2010
Site publisher technology exits technical preview as workflow and content management capabilities of Red Hat’s portal are enhanced.
For Open Source Zone | December 10, 2010
The new release of its JBoss Business Rules Management system takes aim at complex events with Drools Fusion
For Architecture Zone | December 7, 2010
Java Community Process final vote approves Java 7 and 8 specs, though there are strong concerns from multiple vendors about licensing. Is a Java fork now in sight?
For Open Source Zone | September 29, 2010
SUSE Appliance Toolkit 1.1 adds news cloud and enterprise features as Novell's Linux appliance business continues to expand.