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Author Bio
Siva Challa is a member of the Visual C++ compiler development team at Microsoft and has a Ph.D. in computer science from Virginia Tech. Although he works on compilers, he tries to interpret his 1-year-old daughters language and frequently recovers from errors by using his wifes knowledge base.

Artur Laksberg is a member of the Visual C++ compiler development team at Microsoft. When not working, he can be seen cycling the backroads of the Puget Sound, reading books (military history being his latest passion), and programming.

For C++ Zone | February 12, 2003
Managed Extensions for C++ are added to the Visual C++ .NET compiler to allow access to .NET Framework functionality. Visual C++ .NET is the only .NET language that can generate both native and managed code, and its rich set of features let you write managed applications for the .NET platform. This comprehensive guide to coding managed extensions for C++ was written by key members of the Visual C++ .NET compiler development teampeople who have spent most of their time implementing the language and educating others about managed C++. Read Chapter 9, ''Properties.''
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