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More articles by Sridhar M S

Author Bio
Sridhar M S. is a Java developer from Bangalore, India. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science.
For DevX | January 21, 2020
See how to easily encrypt text in MySQL with the compress method.
For DevX | January 17, 2020
MySQL supports something named IGNORE along with INSERT, which captures the error as a WARNING. See it in action.
For DevX | January 14, 2020
See how to repeat a particular string a defined number of times.
For DevX | January 10, 2020
Learn how to get the compressed text results to be the exact length of the original text.
For DevX | January 6, 2020
See how to use sql_mode to set values in MySQL.
For DevX | December 31, 2019
In MySQL, there is a provision to search based on natural mode. Follow this example to understand the process in detail.
For DevX | December 20, 2019
Learn how to restrict the number of connections made from a user to the database.
For DevX | December 17, 2019
MySQL allows you to explicitly convert a number to a string with the help of CAST function. See an example of how to use this feature.
For DevX | December 12, 2019
MySQL is a very robust database that supports JSON as a datatype. See how to make this feature work for you.
For DevX | December 9, 2019
See how to use the query in the example to display the list of available engines that are supported in MySQL.
For DevX | December 3, 2019
MySQL provides numerous mathematical calculations that can be computed with inbuilt functions. Learn how to find the TAN of a number.
For DevX | November 18, 2019
Port BindExceptions can occur if a port is already occupied by some other process and you try to use it again. See an example of how it works and the mechanisms involved.
For DevX | November 11, 2019
MySQL provides a mechanism to alter the user properties, thereby allowing you to lock the user account.
For DevX | November 4, 2019
Java provides you with a zip package that can be handy in compressing large files for distribution or backup.
For DevX | October 29, 2019
Auto_Increment can be tricky to use in MySQL, learn more about how it works.
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