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More articles by Srinath MS

Author Bio
Srinath M. S. says: "I would love to leave a footprint in this flat world."
For DevX | November 13, 2019
See how to use the int() type constructor to convert a string to number.
For DevX | November 6, 2019
See how to spin threads quickly and execute tasks in parallel using the ThreadPoolExecutor.
For DevX | October 30, 2019
Learn a quick way to figure out whether TLS 1.2 is enabled or not.
For DevX | October 21, 2019
Learn how to use the yield keyword to hold and return the data to the caller.
For DevX | October 14, 2019
With the Skip and Take methods in LINQ, paging has become much easier. Learn how to use them to provide paging for your items.
For DevX | October 9, 2019
Learn how to detect and extract faces with Amazon Rekognition.
For DevX | October 3, 2019
Learn how to determine the value of the maximum number in a list.
For DevX | September 26, 2019
See how to use this SDK to easily convert images to text.
For DevX | September 19, 2019
Learn more about how to use the Dictionary Class in Python to merge two dictionaries.
For DevX | September 17, 2019
Learn how to use the OrderBy operator to pick a selected number of items in a given order.
For DevX | September 12, 2019
Explore how to use a simple statement to pick the first few elements of an array in C#.
For DevX | September 10, 2019
See how to perform amazing CSS transitions on your Web pages.
For DevX | September 5, 2019
Use this extension method in C# to check whether or not an input argument is null, and throw an error if necessary.
For DevX | September 3, 2019
Learn how to easily autoplay audio files on your web pages.
For DevX | August 30, 2019
See how to use an extension method in C# to update all items in a list.
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