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More articles by Srinath MS

For DevX | March 23, 2017
To string HTML tags, use HttpUtility's HTMLDecode method with a RegEx expression.
For DevX | March 16, 2017
Learn to use the Webbrowser control to set a progress bar.
For SQL | January 4, 2010
When you use the comparison operators in SQL with the Where clause, you can remove the columns with null values.
For Windows | December 11, 2009
Use WPF's ability to recognize and adapt to the graphics capabilities of its host machine to improve your application's performance.
For Web UI | November 11, 2009
You can call a JavaScript function when a user clicks a HyperLinkField in a GridView control—you just need to use this workaround.
For Windows Forms | November 6, 2009
Find out whether a DataGridView column is partially hidden.
For Web UI | October 29, 2009
A better approach than "hiding" columns in a DataGrid is simply to avoid creating the columns in the first place, as shown in this tip.
For Arrays | October 19, 2009
Predicates can often eliminate the need to write loops and iterations over arrays.
For String Manipulation | September 25, 2009
Split the string at the delimiter and then add each item to a new string list.
For Classes | September 25, 2009
Use Visual Studio's refactoring features to extract class methods into an interface.
For Controls | September 25, 2009
Create a running number column that shows the row number in a DataGrid control.
For Classes | September 17, 2009
Don't write property setters and getters by hand--generate them!
For .NET | September 17, 2009
When you don't want your solution bound to Visual SourceSafe, follow this procedure.
For Web UI | September 10, 2009
Using the CDO Message object, you can easily save content from a URL to an HTML archive (.mht) file.
For User Interface Design | September 1, 2009
Memorize these simple key combinations to copy and paste multiple items.
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