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More articles by Srinath MS

Author Bio
Srinath M. S. says: "I would love to leave a footprint in this flat world."
For DevX | March 23, 2018
See why using images for the background on your Web page is a bad idea, plus learn what to do instead.
For DevX | March 19, 2018
Check whether or not a browser supports Web Workers with this JavaScript sample.
For DevX | March 13, 2018
Learn how to cycle through clipboard items in Visual Studio.
For DevX | March 9, 2018
Learn how to find the history of pages you have recently visited in Chrome.
For DevX | March 5, 2018
Learn how to determine where you left off in an World document.
For DevX | March 2, 2018
Learn how to perform a valid string comparison by ignoring the case.
For DevX | February 26, 2018
Learn a quick way to figure out whether TLS 1.2 is enabled or not.
For DevX | February 19, 2018
Learn an easy way to tidy up the notification area in Windows taskbar.
For DevX | February 16, 2018
See how quickly you can send an email using the nodemailer module.
For DevX | February 12, 2018
Learn how to bind filtered data to an element using the filter module in AngularJS.
For DevX | February 7, 2018
Learn to implement restrictions on data row access in SQL 2016.
For DevX | February 2, 2018
Learn how to escape curly braces in C#.
For DevX | January 30, 2018
Check out this quick method for getting the number of Angular watches on a page.
For DevX | January 23, 2018
See how to use the HttpWebRequest class in C# to determine the size of a file.
For DevX | January 19, 2018
Learn to easily manipulate images with the CSS Clip property.
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