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More articles by Srinath MS

Author Bio
Srinath M. S. says: "I would love to leave a footprint in this flat world."
For DevX | December 11, 2017
Learn how to record everything that happens on your screen.
For DevX | December 6, 2017
Learn how to store and retrieve data from the data attributes.
For DevX | December 1, 2017
The Debug.WriteIf method allows you to write the debug to the listener only when a condition is true.
For DevX | November 27, 2017
Check out this easy method for labeling breakpoints in your code to make it more readable.
For DevX | November 21, 2017
If not well designed, a LINQ query will execute every time you access it. In order to avoid that, convert the result to a list and then do further operations on that result.
For DevX | November 17, 2017
Learn how to use the link tag in HTML to load CSS files based on certain conditions.
For DevX | November 14, 2017
Learn an easy way to control exceptions in C#.
For DevX | November 7, 2017
We often compare two strings to the same case and then compare them to see if they are the same. Learn an easier way.
For DevX | November 6, 2017
Get this quick tip for finding unused namespaces in Visual Studio.
For DevX | November 3, 2017
See how to decrypt HTTP traffic with Fiddler.
For DevX | November 1, 2017
Learn how using an image sprite can boost Web site performance.
For DevX | October 30, 2017
See how to use the Let keyword if you need to have variables inside a LINQ query to hold an evaluation result.
For DevX | October 24, 2017
Adding another country's holidays to your Outlook calendar is easy and can be done with few clicks.
For DevX | October 17, 2017
How to use the Performance API to compute the execution time for a piece of code in JavaScript.
For DevX | October 13, 2017
Learn an easy to to print select rows from Excel.
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