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Author Bio
Steve Taylor is President and CTO of Catalyst Systems Corp., the developers of Openmake, an enterprise build management solution. Prior to founding Catalyst Systems, Taylor served for 17 years as a Lead Technical Programming Consultant with programming expertise in C, C++, Java and J2EE as well as Assembler, COBOL, LISP and PL1. He is an expert in compilers and the overall application assembly process, which led to his creation of Openmake in 1995. His work with Openmake customers has provided him an excellent window into the trials and tribulations of Java developers when moving to J2EE.
For Java Zone | February 1, 2006
More often than not, a large J2EE project requires multiple versions of the deployment descriptors to match the various versions of your back end database and other system configurations. But managing the creation and deployment of .ear and .war files is complicated. Find out how to organize your development to create these files properly during the build process.
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