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Author Bio
Vishnu Prasad H is a Microsoft Visual C# MVP working as Consultant at Capco IT Services India Ltd, Bangalore. He has four years of practical experience and specializes in Microsoft-based technologies like .NET, COM/COM+, and SQL Server.
For .NET Zone | November 4, 2004
Good user interfaces let users keep working as seamlessly as possible while an application performs long background processing tasks. While .NET 1.0 certainly simplified the process of launching and managing multiple threads in Windows applications, you had to write much of the infrastructure yourself. In contrast, .NET 2.0 adds direct framework support for asynchronously fetching data and performing background tasks.
For .NET Zone | October 20, 2004
Today, most organizations have a wealth of Office documents that contain critical information, but finding, extracting, and reusing that information programmatically remains a largely unrealized goal. Fortunately, that's changing as XML processing in Microsoft Office 2003 grows up.
For .NET Zone | September 22, 2004
For years, developers have complained about the difficulties involved in creating professional toolbars, menus, and status bars, notably the lack of flexibility and extensibility in the controls. The flexible and extensible new ToolStrip control in the .NET 2.0 framework promises to solve those problems by changing the underlying model.
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