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Author Bio
Wei-Meng Lee is a Microsoft .NET MVP and co-founder of Active Developer, a training company specializing in .NET and wireless technologies. He is a frequent speaker and author of numerous books on .NET, XML, and wireless technologies.
For Security Zone | April 30, 2004
Adding security to Web apps may not be great fun but it doesn't have to hard. You can easily ensure your apps meet today's best practices by applying eight principles for secure Web development.
For Get Help | September 23, 2003
Using the visual drag-and-drop tools in Visual Studio is the easiest way to code controls but sometimes it's impractical, especially when working with applications meant for handheld devices. Learn how to hand-code new controls on the fly.
For Wireless Zone | July 11, 2003
Smart devices require smart applications and in this first of a three-part series on building applications in the .NET Compact Framework, you'll learn how to build one that lets users accurately convert foreign currencies on the fly.
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