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William Tay is an Enterprise Software Solutions Architect with NCS. Pte. Ltd. His interests include object-oriented programming principles, analysis and design, and XML Web Services. He has done research, development, and implementation work in applying Web Services in Service-Oriented-Architectures. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and is active in evangelizing Microsoft .NET Technologies. He is an XML Web Services user group lead and moderator for one of INETAs member sites: http://www.sgdotnet.org. NCS. Pte. Ltd is a Microsoft (Singapore) Gold Partner and is one of the premier Systems Integrator and Builder in Asia Pacific.
For .NET Zone | June 10, 2004
Who's accessing your Web applications? If you think only humans are registering and logging in, you may be surprised. Learn how to teach your application to differentiate between humans and machines and reject automated registration and login requests.
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