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Author Bio
Yair Alan Griver is the Chief Information Officer at Flash Creative Management, a Hackensack, NJ based consulting firm that works with businesses to jointly map their strategies and build the supporting technology and processes to achieve their growth and profit objectives. Flash is a Microsoft Solution Provider at the Partner level and a Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center. Alan is responsible for overseeing the development of Flash's methods and development frameworks. He has received the "Most Valuable Professional" award from Microsoft for his expertise in applying Microsoft technology to real world applications and for sharing that knowledge with other software developers. Alan has written articles that have been published in many leading publications, has lectured throughout the world on computer systems and software design, and has written five books on Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic. He can be reached at 201-489-2500 ext. 201.
For CoDe Magazine | December 12, 2005
Microsoft demonstrated a new technology at PDC called LINQ (Language Integrated Query). The following note from Alan Griver, a member of the LINQ team at Microsoft, offers some details related to the LINQ project.
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