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Zeev Suraski has been working for over five years on the PHP project. Along with Andi Gutmans, he started the PHP 3 and 4 projects and wrote most of their infrastructure and core components, thereby helping to forge PHP as we know it today and attracting many more developers to join the movement. Zeev is a co-founder and CTO of Zend Technologies Ltd, the leading provider of development and performance management tools for PHP-enabled enterprises. You can reach Zeev through Zend's Web site at www.zend.com.
For Web Development Zone | November 15, 2002
One of the key ingredients in the upcoming version 5 of PHP will be the Zend Engine 2.0, with support for a brand new object-oriented programming model. This article describes the evolution of the object-oriented programming support in PHP, covering the new features and changes that are scheduled for PHP 5.
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