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What's New in Visual Studio .NET 1.1? : Page 3

Visual Studio .NET provides a new set of features designed to improve and enhance the development experience. Most of these changes have to do with user ergonomics and are typical of a minor release of a Visual Studio product. Only a few of the changes are related to the underlying platform.




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Project Settings
The most important change to the project settings options is support for different CLR versions (both for C# and Visual Basic .NET). For C# projects there are also build events and new compiler instructions. These compiler settings provide better affinity to the actual compiler switches available when using the compiler directly via the command line. Following is a rundown of the new features in the same order that they appear in the Project Properties Pages.
The .NET Framework Version dialog lets you select the CLR versions you wish to support. The available options are version 1.1 (the default) only, version 1.0 only, or both 1.0 and 1.1.
Specifying Supported Runtime Version. At present, Visual Studio .NET can only build applications targeting the highest CLR version installed on the machine (this may change in the future). Developers can indicate in the application configuration file which version or versions of the CLR (such as 1.0 or 1.1) the application supports. You can use Visual Studio .NET 1.1 to edit the application configuration file for supported CLR versions.

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