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VFP 8 Feature Highlights : Page 3

There are so many new features in VFP 8 that we can't cover them all. Claudio does his best to hit the high points in this round-up of several exciting new capabilities that VFP 8 brings to the table.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Table Changes
One of the long-waited features that now is present in VFP 8 is the AutoIncrementing field for tables (usually used for keeping primary keys in a table). VFP has a new field type called Integer (AutoInc) that addresses this issue.

There is also a minor enhancement for the indexes of a table: a collating sequence can be defined individually for every single index tag.

Another very neat new feature is that an expression can be defined as the Caption of a field in the Table Designer. This expression is evaluated every time a Browse window is opened. However, there's something much cooler about this. In earlier versions, we could drag a field from a DataEnvironment and drop it onto a form, and that would create a label with its Caption property set to the caption of the field.

In VFP 8, the caption of the label will be evaluated at run-time, which gives us the flexibility for data-driven labels in our forms. For example, I could set the Caption of the CompanyName field to the following expression:

"Localize" is just a Stored Procedure I have that will return the localized version (in this sample, the Portuguese version) of "Company Name", according to the Regional Settings running on this computer (the implementation doesn't matter here). In Figure 3, you see the label that's evaluated every time the form runs.

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