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Using GDI+ in ASP.NET Web Applications, Part I : Page 3

GDI+ is generally considered a Windows technology. However, some of the new GDI+ features make this technology an excellent choice even for Web applications, enabling developers to generate images, graphs, dynamic buttons, banners, and much more on-the-fly.




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Drawing on Existing Images
Once you refresh the page a few times, the excitement fades away and you'll realize that all you did was create a silly ellipse. So let's do something more exciting!

So far I've only shown you how to draw on new images. I've shown you some very useful functionality if you want to create graphics from scratch to draw diagrams and charts. The next examples, however, will show you how to load existing images and manipulate them on the fly. Let's start out with the basics. Let's assume you run a Web site that provides up-to-date news on sporting events. On the home page of your site you want to display a picture of some sports event and the current score (Figure 3).

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