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Using GDI+ in ASP.NET Web Applications, Part I : Page 5

GDI+ is generally considered a Windows technology. However, some of the new GDI+ features make this technology an excellent choice even for Web applications, enabling developers to generate images, graphs, dynamic buttons, banners, and much more on-the-fly.




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Image Quality
I want to briefly discuss image quality. Consider the rounded red rectangle in Figure 6. The rectangle highlights an area but it is not part of the actual image that gets generated. It is generated dynamically similar to the other images that I've shown you how to create in this article. The main difference is that the rectangle is on a white background, which makes it harder to make the text look crisp. Also, the chosen color ends up looking "rastered" using the default rendering settings. Therefore, I took some extra steps to make sure the quality ends up at an acceptable level.

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