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Auto-Deploying Windows Forms .NET Applications: The Revenge of the Fat Client : Page 5

.NET Automatic Deployment is a feature built into the .NET Framework, allowing applications to download assemblies (via HTTP) from remote locations on an as-needed basis.




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Deploying .NET Security Policies
In the previous section, you created a security policy to trust code coming from the URL You wouldn't want to have to ask your users to follow the same steps as you did to trust your assembly on their computers, would you? Fortunately, once you have defined a Security Policy, you can distribute it to your users and have them add it to their system with a single click.

You can use the .NET Framework Configuration Tool to configure a wide range of security options available to .NET applications.
After you define a Security Policy, you can create a Deployment Package that installs the Security Policy via a Windows Installer File (an .MSI file.) To create a Deployment Package, simply right-click on the Runtime Security Policy branch, and select the Create Deployment Package option (see Figure 13).

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