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Using GDI+ in ASP.NET Web Applications, Part II : Page 2

GDI+ is generally considered a Windows technology. However, some of the new GDI+ features make this technology an excellent choice for Web applications, enabling developers to generate images, graphs, diagrams, and much more on the fly.




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A Text Example (continued)
The MeasureFont() method returns a SizeF object. This object has two properties you are interested in: The height and the width. Note that you are not just retrieving these values and accepting them as they are. Instead, reduce the height and increase the width of the required space. There is a good reason to do that. For one, you want to render a slight shadow for the font. This requires the output area to be slightly larger as the shadow will be offset to the right and the bottom of the image. Also, drop caps are always upper-case characters. The MeasureFont() method retrieves fundamental measurements of the passed character, and that includes under lengths as they occur in some lower-case letters, such as "g," "y," and the like, despite the fact that your chosen character does not have under lengths. (The height for every character in a certain font is always the same.) Because you are not interested in providing space for those under lengths, subtract 10 pixels from the returned values. (Note that this is a somewhat lazy approach. You could have also calculated the correct under length on the fly rather than hard-coding it.)

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