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Mobile CoDe.NET: Microsoft Mobility 101 : Page 7

Does Microsoft have a real development solution for handheld devices or will other vendors continue to grab the spotlight? Here in the first installment of Mobile CoDe.NET, we'll describe the OS choices and software development tools and we'll lay out the yellow brick road that you can follow to start building your own mobile solutions.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Getting Started
You're probably eager to give these technologies a spin by now. Let's write and build your first .NET Compact Framework application using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the Smart Device Extensions (SDE). You'll need Visual Studio .NET 2003 (version 7.1) since the SDE is not available as an add-on for Visual Studio .NET 2002 (version 7.0). With a fixed upgrade price tag of $29 US—even for the Enterprise Architect and Enterprise Developer editions—the upgrade is well worth it. I encourage you to read Juval Löwy's article What's New in Visual Studio .NET 1.1 from the March/April 2003 issue of CoDe Magazine to find out more about the upgrade to Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework. Also make sure your installation includes the support for mobile development features.

Figure 2: Creating a Smart Device project
Figure 3: The Smart Device Application Wizard
Building the Application
Start Visual Studio .NET 2003 and create a new Visual Basic project. The project type we're interested in is Smart Device Application, which is a new option in Visual Studio .NET 2003 (see Figure 2). Select the location of your choice and name your project MyFirstSDEApp. After you accept these settings, Visual Studio .NET launches the Smart Device Application Wizard (see Figure 3) to allow you to select which type of mobile platform you want to target as well as the project type you want to create. I'll cover these options in greater detail in a future article, so for now let's simply choose Pocket PC as the platform and Windows Application as the project type. Accept the settings and let the wizard create the application project.

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