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SQL Server 2000 Replication 101: Terminology, Types, and Configuration : Page 6

It's wise to make sure you have a clear understanding of replication terminology, types of replication, and exactly what is occurring when you install and configure replication.




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Enabling Publication Databases
When you click Next, you may enter the "Enable Publication Databases" dialog box, where you can enable individual databases on the publisher server for snapshot, transactional, and merge replication, as shown in Figure 6. You will not see this dialog box unless you've also enabled the distribution server as a publisher. The dialog box in Figure 6 does not do as much as you might at first think. All it does is enable the databases for the stated type of replication for database owners. If you log into the publisher SQL Server with a system administrator account, you can initiate merge or transactional replication on those databases later without needing to check anything here.

Ron Talmage is a principal mentor with Solid Quality Learning, and also heads Prospice LLC, a database consulting firm based in Seattle. He is a SQL Server MVP, PASS newsletter co-editor, and current president of the Pacific Northwest SQL Server Users Group. He also writes for SQL Server Professional and SQL Server Magazine. Reach him at ron@solidqualitylearning.com.
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