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Introduction to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 : Page 3

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 is a form creation program for seamless data integration with databases, Web services, XML, or any other XML-enabled system. Just drag and drop controls onto the InfoPath form—the result is a data entry form with advanced controls that conforms to Microsoft's interface standards, complete with Microsoft Office 2003 toolbars.




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The Finished Form
Notice the Amazon hyperlink control in the form near the ISBN number. The expression for the link can be static or bound to a data source element. For the link expression, enter an XPath function to preface the ISBN field with the path to its Amazon page:

concat('http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=', @cISBN)

Clicking on the link from the preview brings up the book's information page on Amazon. InfoPath 2003 also offers simple data validation using XPath expressions that can be easily added via the Data Validation dialog box. But the dialog box's condition builder is limited to handling comparisons of field values or constants and doesn't support expressions like validating that the ISBN field only contains numbers. For more complex validation, you can script the control's OnBeforeChange, OnValidate, or OnAfterChange event. Here's the script that uses a regular expression to verify that the ISBN is valid:

function msoxd__Titles_cISBN_attr::OnValidate( eventObj) { if(eventObj.Site.nodeTypedValue

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