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Creating Web Sites with ASP.NET Whidbey : Page 6

ASP.NET Whidbey adds a huge number of productivity features and enhancements. Although it's still early in the development process, Paul Sheriff and Ken Getz dig in and start playing with some of the new features, passing along what they've found.




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Personalization Support on Web Pages
Lots of sites allow you to personalize content (one of us has spent far too many hours adding and modifying content on his MyYahoo! portal), but Microsoft kicked this technology up a notch by adding support for dragging and dropping Web Parts in its SharePoint products. By designing Web Parts using the interfaces required by SharePoint, developers can easily create intelligent, personalized "widgets" that can be displayed on Web pages. In Visual Studio .NET Whidbey, it's easy to create the same sort of behavior. Once you've set up your page with appropriate Web Part container controls, you can move content areas around just by entering a special edit mode, then dragging and dropping areas of your Web page to a new location. You can customize titles of sections, as well.

For example, when you create a site using the ASP.NET Intranet Site template, the default.aspx page includes a hyperlink in the upper-right corner with the caption "Personalize this Page." Once you click that link, you are allowed to drag and drop the Web Parts from one location to another on the page. In addition, if you click the down arrow in the title area of one of the Web Parts, you can edit certain characteristics. For example, Figure 13 shows default.aspx with one of its parts being edited during personalization. Once you are done, click the End Personalization link to persist your changes. On subsequent visits to the page, your settings are retrieved and applied to the various Web Parts on the page.

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