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Building an Internet Portal (for Free!) with DotNetNuke : Page 4

Save hours of valuable development time building corporate or departmental Web portals with DotNetNuke—a free, ASP.NET-based, open source, extendable, content management portal based on the IBuySpy Solution Kit.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Figure 16: The Tabs page provides options concerning visibility, width, and security access.
Adding Tabs and Modules
Now you're ready to add a new tab and add content modules to it. Select Add New Tab and enter Cool Testing as the tab name. Don't worry about an icon for now, so leave the icon setting at None Specified. We want this tab to occupy a menu next to the Home menu option so we'll select None Specified as the Parent Tab. The Template Tab option allows you to specify which tab you want the new one to look like when it's created. This is nice if you've got a specific look you want all of your tabs to have. For now, leave it as None Specified. Take a look at the remaining settings. We'll leave them as they are for now. That's all there is to creating a new tab (see Figure 16). Click Update to save the tab and return to the Home page. You should see a Cool Testing option in the menu. Click the Cool Testing menu option to display the empty Cool Testing tab. Let's add an Announcement module to the tab. Make sure you've selected Announcement in the dropdown list and click Add. DNN adds the new Announcements module, which covers the entire width of the page.
Figure 17: A completed announcement page with title, description, external link, expiration date, and view order settings entered.
Click the left arrow next to Announcements to move this module to the left column. Click Add New Announcement to bring up the Announcements settings page. Enter New Study Reveals That Men and Women Are Different as the title and enter some text for the description. Next, specify that this links to an external link and enter www.takenote.com as the external link. Enter an expiration date for this announcement and a numeric value for the View Order field. DNN uses the View Order field to determine sort order. A good tip is to use multiples of ten to leave room for new announcements that you might need to slip into the current set of announcements. That's enough for this announcement (see Figure 17). Click Update to save it and return to the Cool Testing Tab.

Let's add another module to this page. Select Weather Network from the list of modules and click Add. Click on the right arrow to move this module to the right hand column on the page. Click Edit next to Weather Network to display the Weather Network settings page. Fill out the options for your area and click Update. You should now have weather information for your area displayed on the page.

Figure 18: The completed Cool Testing page contains an Announcement, Text/HTML, and Weather Network modules.
How would you like to see what the page looks like without all the administrative icons being displayed and taking up room? Click the Preview checkbox to see how your page is shaping up for normal display.

You'll add one last module to your page to complete it. Select Text/HTML from the module list and click Add. The Text/HTML module provides a way to add plain text or HTML text to a page. If DNN hasn't positioned this new module in the center of the page, go ahead and do that now. Click Edit to open the Text/HTML editor. Type This is pretty cool stuff in the Desktop Content box and click Update. This completes your first tab (see Figure 18). Now you'll learn how to build a sub-tab of this one.

Figure 19: Building the My New Tab tab, specifying the name and parent tab.
Click Add New Tab in the upper right hand corner to open the Tabs editor page. Name this new tab My New Tab (don't worry about a tab icon at this point), specify Cool Testing as the Parent Tab. You'll use the default settings for the rest of the options. Click Update to create the tab (see Figure 19).

Click on the Cool Testing menu option and you should see My New Tab listed under it. Now that you have a couple of tabs to work with, let's take a look at some of the administration options available.

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