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Building Wiki Web Sites with ASP.NET and SQL Server : Page 2

You can easily build Wiki Web sites with ASP.NET and SQL Server and provide your teams with one of the most powerful ways of collaborating on the Web.




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Popular Wiki Web Sites
Despite the disadvantages, Wikis have proven to be a valuable tool. You can visit a rather larger number of public Wiki Web sites to see the concept in action. Two well-known Wikis that you might want to check out include: Portland Pattern Repository. This site has more than 26,000 topics that cover a large number of areas of interest, most of them related to software development. This site is a great resource to learn about Wiki Web sites in general as well (http://c2.com/cgi/wiki).

Words in CamelCase notation follow a pattern in which the first character is an uppercase character, followed by a few lowercase characters, followed by another uppercase character, followed by more lowercase characters.
Wikipedia. This is an online encyclopedia that uses the Wiki concept. It includes over 175,000 topics (www.wikipedia.org/). DotWiki Project
You can choose from several implementations (Wiki clones) that allow people to host Wiki Web sites. In the following sections I will discuss creating a Wiki from scratch. This project will be called DotWiki and will be implemented using ASP.NET, VB.NET, and SQL Server/MSDE.

DotWiki Web Pages
The main Web page of the DotWiki is the Default.aspx Web page. On Default.aspx you can display topic information and let users edit their content. Figure 1 shows how this page looks from the developer's perspective.

Figure 1: Default.aspx from the developer's perspective.
The Default Web page has a view mode and an edit mode.

In view mode the Wiki assigns the topic information to a label control on the page (PageContent in Figure 1) so that the browser can display the information. View mode for this page also makes the Edit button visible and hides the Save and Cancel buttons. Figure 2 shows this in view mode.

Figure 2: Example of a typical page in a view mode.
In edit mode (see Figure 3), the Wiki assigns the topic information to a textbox control and makes the Save and Cancel buttons visible. The text control on this page is a multi-line control so that it automatically stretches to display multiple lines of text. Listing 1 shows the main method used by Default.aspx to display topic information.

Other pages that support the DotWiki project include an Index page that displays the list of topics in the database, a RecentChanges page that displays the topics that have changes in the last 24 hours, and the Search page that allows users to look for information stored in the database. These basic Web pages have somewhat limited functionality since most of the functionality that powers them resides in the Business Services class.

Figure 3: Example of a typical page in edit mode.

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