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Build 'Radioactive' Web Sites with DotNetNuke 2.0 : Page 8

Save hours of valuable development time when building corporate or departmental Web portals with DotNetNuke 2.0, the latest version of the free, ASP.NET-based, open source, extensible, content management portal.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Step 5: Using Your New Module
Now select a tab and drop your new module on it. If all went well you should see the ExamTracker module listed in the module drop down (see Figure 13). You should be able to place the module on a tab (see Figure 14) and see it work (see Figure 15).

Figure 13. Module DropDown: Here's te Module drop down populated with available modules, including ExamTracker.
Figure 14. ExamTracker Displaying a Record: The figure shows a module in use displaying an exam record.
Figure 15. Editing In ExamTracker: Here's what the ExamTracker module looks like when editing an existing an exam record.
Custom Module Recap
Time and space have limited the depth I could go into regarding developing custom modules. Once you master creating the ExamTracker module I am sure you will want to expand your horizons and check out other modules. One of the best resources to help you understand how to build your own custom modules is to check out how the pre-built ones work. The Survey and UsersOnLine modules that ship with DNN 2.0 are a great place to get started looking at other modules. Table 2 has a number of other resources you can use when creating your own modules.

Table 2: DNN 2.0 Module Creation Resources



DNN 2.0 Project Templates (very handy to have)


CodeSmith: FREEWARE template-based code generator


Scott McCulloch's site (DNN templates for CodeSmith and free modules)






DotNetNuke HandCoded


DotNetNuke Data Providers (MySQL data provider for DNN)


I told you I was excited about DNN 2.0 in my last DNN article and now you know why. With DNN 2.0, more and more people are discovering what others already know—DotNetNuke rocks! The DotNetNuke open source community infrastructure is continuing to grow. It is currently over 45,000 members!

I'd like to take this opportunity to again thank Shaun Walker and the DNN Core Team for their hard work and dedication to delivering a fine piece of software. Great job!!

Jim Duffy is founder and president of TakeNote Technologies, an award-winning training and software development company. He has a BS degree in Computer and Information Systems and over 19 years of programming and training experience. He is an energetic trainer, skilled developer, and has been published in leading developer-oriented publications. Jim, a Microsoft MVP award recipient, is a popular speaker at regional user groups and developer conferences. He is also a co-host of Computers 2K4, a call-in radio show on WRBZ (AM 850), 850 The Buzz, in Raleigh, NC. Jim is also the author of TakeNote's popular VFP database auditing product, FoxAudit. In addition to his duties with TakeNote, Jim is also the VP of Sales & Marketing for Red Matrix Technologies, a SQL Server tools vendor who's SQLAudit product adds complete audit trail support for SQL Server databases. Additional information about Jim, TakeNote Technologies, and Red Matrix Technologies can be found at www.takenote.com.
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