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Free ASP.NET Goodies! : Page 2

Marketing professionals have long known the power of the word 'free.' But in this case it's all true: An article full of goodies, resources, tools, and utilities—that won't cost you a dime.




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Reports Starter Kit
The ASP.NET Reports Starter Kit (see Figure 5) is a guide for creating customizable Web reports using ASP.NET. It demonstrates how to implement feature-rich reports without having to rely on third-party reporting tools. The Reports Starter Kit displays functional online reports as well as print optimized versions. You can use the sample reports to build your own reports using the techniques implemented.
Figure 5. Reports Starter Kit demonstrates how to create and publish reports in ASP.NET.  
Figure 6. Use the Community Starter Kit to quickly create community-oriented Web sites
Community Starter Kit
With the Community Starter Kit, you can quickly create a community Web site such as a user group site, a developer resource site, or a news site (see Figure 6). This kit includes source code in both VB .NET and C#, and it supports both IIS and Cassini. Features include six standard content modules (Articles, Links, Downloads, Photo Gallery, Events, and Books), the ability to send newsletters, create voting polls, as well as support for RSS news feeds and XML Web services.

Commerce Starter Kit
The Commerce Starter Kit (see Figure 7) is an example of an e-commerce storefront. The source code is available in both VB .NET and C# and support is available for both IIS and Cassini. This kit contains code for tasks associated with a typical online shopping site including user authentication and personalization, a product catalog, shopping cart, and order checkout.

Figure 7. The Commerce Starter Kit is used to demonstrate how to build online store front Web sites.
Figure 8. Use the Portal Starter Kit to create intranet and Internet Web Portal sites.
Portal Starter Kit
The Portal Starter Kit demonstrates how you can use ASP.NET to build intranet and Internet Web portal applications (Figure 8). While it demonstrates a number of key features and techniques in ASP.NET, if you are serious about building Web portals you should skip the Portal Starter Kit and move on to the open-source DotNetNuke project initially based on the Portal Starter Kit.

Internet Explorer Web Controls
The Internet Explorer Web Controls are a collection of server controls for use in ASP.NET applications. The controls include a TreeView, TabStrip, MultiPage, and a Toolbar control.

The Start Kits are functional applications, complete with source code, focused on a particular task.
Use the TreeView control to create user interfaces to display hierarchical data, folders, and other tree data structures. You can view a live demo of the TreeView control on the GotDotNet site.

Use the TabStrip control to create tabbed menus like the ones on Amazon.com. Use the MultiPage control to create a collection of PageView controls. You'll typically use the MultiPage control in conjunction with the TabStrip control to create a tabbed user interface element. You can see a demo of the TabStrip and MultiPage controls and view the Web page source on the GotDotNet site. Use the Toolbar control to create toolbars that look and function much like the ones in typical Windows applications. View the demo of the Toolbar control on the GotDotNet site.

You'll find additional information regarding the Internet Web Controls on the MSDN Web site. You can download them by clicking on the Source Projects tab on the ASP.NET Web site.

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