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Free ASP.NET Goodies! : Page 3

Marketing professionals have long known the power of the word 'free.' But in this case it's all true: An article full of goodies, resources, tools, and utilities—that won't cost you a dime.




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ASP.NET Resource Kit
The ASP.NET Resource Kit provides a wide variety of resources, valuable offers, and useful benefits including tools, tutorials, samples, free controls, access to great ASP.NET hosting offers ($10/month and €10/month or less), training discount offers, and more (see Figure 9). In my opinion, all ASP.NET developers should have the ASP.NET Resource Kits.

Figure 9: The ASP.NET Resource Kit contains a wealth of information and valuable offers.
The free ASP.NET controls include ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET, Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET grid, /n software's IP*Works! CC ICharge component, Sax.net Security for ASP.NET, and telerik r.a.d.rotator and r.a.d. spell components. The discounted Web hosting deals from leading ASP.NET hosts in the U.S., Canada, and Europe include SQL Server database support. The included step-by-step tutorials and program guides walk you through building ASP.NET applications, accessing SQL Server data, and include hundreds of useful code samples, articles, sample book chapters, and much more. The Resource Kit also includes all of the Starter Kits mentioned earlier.

You can download the ASP.NET Resource Kit for free from the MSDN Web site or you can order a copy of the Resource CD for a small shipping and handling fee.

ASP.NET Web Site
Not surprisingly, the ASP.NET Web site itself is the ultimate ASP.NET resource. You will find a wide variety of contents here including daily updated articles, user uploaded controls, peer-to-peer support forums, tutorials, open source projects, the ASP.NET Web Matrix project, and the ASP.NET Starter Kits. You will also find a wide variety of additional resources including listings of hosting companies, .NET community Web sites, user groups, development tools, training companies, and Microsoft Solution Providers.

The MSDN Web site is another valuable resource for ASP.NET developers.

MSDE 2000
MSDE 2000 is another name for the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine. I included it in this article because of its price—it's free!

MSDE 2000 is a royalty-free, redistributable database engine that is completely compatible with SQL Server 2000 because it is a version of SQL Server 2000. MSDE 2000 is a very attractive alternative to using Microsoft Access for small to medium-sized Web sites because it has the same security, scalability, and stability features found in other versions of SQL Server.

On a related note, Microsoft has released the SQL Server Web Data Administrator, which enables you to remotely manage your SQL Server/MSDE databases from the comfort of your favorite Web browser. With it you can create/edit databases, run ad-hoc queries, manage users and security roles, and create/edit stored procedures.

When used together, MSDE 2000 and the SQL Server Web Data Administrator provide a very powerful one-two punch to the ASP.NET developer's toolbox.

In addition to the excellent content provided on the ASP.NET and MSDN Web sites, you'll find a large number of Web sites full of articles and tutorials for the ASP.NET developer. While it is nearly impossible to list them all, Table 1 lists a number of Web sites containing free content and other resources.

Table 1: A sampling of the many ASP.NET and .NET-related Web sites.

ASP.NET Related Web Sites




ASP.NET Resource Index


4 Guys From Rolla


ASP.Net Heaven


ASP Free


123ASPX Directory




ASP Alliance


WWW Coder Resource Directory


ASP.NET Resources


ASP Wire


.NET Related Web Sites


The Code Project


DotNet Junkies


Free Programming Resources


.Net Toolbox




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