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Programming with the Microsoft Business Rules Framework : Page 5

Learn how to decouple the business rules within your application to yield high organizational visibility and accountability.

Installing and Working with the Microsoft Business Rules Engine
Don't let the fact Microsoft BRE ships with BizTalk Server intimidate you. While BizTalk Server is a robust server platform that requires experience to install and configure, the installer for BizTalk Server 2006 and later has been significantly streamlined compared to previous versions, so installing the Business Rules Engine is very straightforward.

In fact, as you'll learn below, you can install the BRE completely independently of other BizTalk components, making installation a breeze:

    Figure 2. Installer Screen: To install Microsoft BRE, launch the BizTalk Server installer.
    Figure 3. Select Components: To install the Microsoft BRE and corresponding Business Rules Framework, simply select the Business Rules Components option.

  1. Start the BizTalk Server 2006 or 2006 R2 installer and click “Install Microsoft BizTalk Server on this computer” (see Figure 2).
  2. On the Component Installation screen, clear all options except “Documentation” and “Business Rules Components," and then click Next as shown in Figure 3.

  3. Figure 4. Summary Screen: The Microsoft Business Rules Framework is installed automatically when you select the Business Rules Components item. These are the only components required to begin using Microsoft BRE immediately, however, you should also install the product documentation.
    Figure 5. Installation Complete: After the install completes, you still need to configure the Microsoft BRE components.

  4. You will see a Summary screen (see Figure 4) summarizing the fact that you are installing only documentation and core components necessary for the BRE. Click “Install” to begin installation.
  5. Figure 6. Configuring BRE: Configuration is simple and requires only a host name and account credentials for the Rule Engine Update Service.

  6. After a few moments, you will be presented with an Installation Progress screen that takes a couple of minutes to complete. When it's done, you'll see a corresponding screen as shown in Figure 5. Make sure to check “Launch BizTalk Configuration” and click Finish to begin configuring BRE.
  7. The BizTalk Server 2006 configuration screen appears. As shown in Figure 6, make sure to select "Basic configuration," confirm the name of the machine on which you are performing the installation/configuration, and enter credentials that will be used to run the Rule Engine Update Service. Click Configure, and you should see a list of components identical to Figure 7.
  8. Click Next and, in a few moments, configuration should complete and succeed (see Figure 8).

  9. Figure 7. Summary Screen: This summary screen lists the components that will be configured.
    Figure 8. Final Screen: After a few minutes, you should see this screen, letting you know that the BRE installed successfully.

With the Microsoft Business Rules Framework, and Microsoft Business Rules Engine installed, you are ready to create your first policy!

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