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Oracle Has SQL Server Beat in Stored Procedure Programming : Page 4

Oracle9i and SQL Server 2000 add enhancements to the standard SQL language that enable you to use the database to implement your business rules and processes—SQL Server with Transact-SQL and Oracle with PL/SQL. Find out why the Oracle database engine is better suited for this role.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Oracle Offers the Better Environment
Of course, technology changes and this applies even to something as seemingly mundane and old hat as writing stored procedures. On Oracle's side, PL/SQL continues to be enhanced with each version. You can also now write stored procedures in Java. Microsoft has also announced that in a future version of SQL Server you will be able to create stored procedures in your .NET language of choice. So in a year or so, perhaps SQL Server will have the better environment. But for now, Oracle is the clear winner.

Joe Lax has spent more than 10 years working in various database environments and has been a practicing DBA on all versions of SQL Server from version 4.2 onward. He also is a MCSE and an MCT who recently has started to learn Oracle, which affords him no end of fun. He loves feedback and can be reached at joe.lax@verizon.net.
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