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Kiss the Middle-tier Goodbye with SQL Server Yukon : Page 8

Yukon's new XML support features cut out the middleman and allow you to deal with your data directly on the database tier. Learn how to use these features to improve your database app's performance and design.




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Yukon's XML Limitations
As you've seen, SQL Server Yukon is first class for storing, querying, and updating XML Data. However, there are some some limitations when working with the new XML datatype and XML schemas:
  1. XML can't be casted to text or ntext.
  2. An XML column can't be part of a primary—or foreign key constraint.
  3. Only strings can be casted to XML.
  4. An XML column can't be used in a GROUP BY statement.
  5. An XML column can't be part of an index.
  6. It is only possible to create 32 XML columns per table.

The XML schema support in Yukon has the following limitations:

  1. Annotations (like comments) are not stored in the metasystem of Yukon.
  2. The XSD ID attribute is not supported.
  3. Default values can't be longer than 4000 unicode characters.
  4. XML schemas can't be converted to their origin state. Therefore, you need to manage XML schemas separately.

Even with these limitations, the ability to directly query and modify XML data on the database tier is a great step forward. If you work with XML data in your applications, it is well worth your time to investigate Yukon and find out whether you can benefit from these new features.

Klaus Aschenbrenner is CEO of the software company Solvion, which specializes in designing and programming enterprise applications based on the .NET Framework and Windows.NET. He has written articles for German magazines like DotNetPro and is a speaker at conferences. You can reach Klaus at Klaus.Aschenbrenner@techtalk.at.
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