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Design Resilient Business Objects with MS DAAB

Decrease the level of coupling in the Microsoft Data Access Application Block code by enabling it to use the MySQL database engine. With this technique, you can create highly resilient middle-tier objects.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ike most DevX readers, anticipating change is an important part of my job. As a software developer and system architect, it is particularly important that I make sure our middle-tier objects can survive changes in the database-access layer. Although no software design can offer limitless flexibility, the design concepts of Separation of Concerns and Loose Coupling—both discovered during the prehistoric era of structured programming—make designing resilient middle tier classes far easier.

Microsoft incorporates these concepts, along with .NET-specific best practices, in libraries called application blocks. Its Data Access Application Block (DAAB) is an excellent starting point for an examination of the practical advantages that Separation of Concerns and Loose Coupling provide. This article utilizes these two "mega-concepts" in developing an enhanced DAAB, enabling it to not only use a new open-source .NET data provider for the MySQL database engine but also C# delegates to build maximum flexibility into your business objects. In short, you get some practical source code to go with the theory.

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