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Create a Robust Document Management System with Oracle Text : Page 2

Oracle Text has a powerful text-search engine that allows users to search and manage documents and URLs as quickly and easily as any other data. Learn to use these features to deliver a robust content management search engine.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Step 1: Preliminary Setup
These instructions assume you have Oracle Text installed. If you haven't set it up yet, please refer to the Oracle installation guide. If you have access to OracleMetaLink, you can follow [Note:150316.1]. The following statement will perform a quick check to verify whether Oracle Text was set up when your database was installed (connected as CTXSYS user):

column library_name format a8 column file_spec format a60 select library_name,file_spec,dynamic,status from user_libraries; LIBRARY FILE_SPEC D STATUS -------- -------------------------------- - ------- DR$LIBX D:\oracle\ora92\bin\oractxx9.dll Y VALID DR$LIB N VALID

After you have ensured Oracle Text is properly configured, connect as user SYSTEM. To follow the examples throughout this article, you need to create a user account and a directory where the documents that need indexing reside. You can customize the location of your document repository by changing the following path:

create user cmdemo identified by password; grant dba,connect,resource,create session to cmdemo; create or replace directory DIR_TESTCASE as 'G:\ContentMgmt'; grant read on directory DIR_TESTCASE to PUBLIC;

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