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Send Critical MySQL Data to Your Users Automatically

With SQLyog Job Agent, a multithreaded application that enables you to develop MySQL notification applications, you can automate and schedule MySQL database jobs to provide data to users when they need it—regardless of their locations.

any organizations are developing applications that provide information to users and employees when they need it—regardless of their locations. These types of applications, called notification applications, offer these organizations many beneficial uses, including the following:
  • Sales manager can receive nightly notifications of the sales figures.
  • Webmasters can track weekly hits.
  • Product managers can get a list of resolved and unresolved bugs twice a week.
  • Investors can receive notification whenever the price of a particular stock reaches a certain level.

SQLyog Job Agent (SJA), a high-performance, multithreaded application designed to automate and schedule MySQL database jobs, enables you to perform all the above tasks at regular intervals. For Windows, it's available with the MySQL GUI, SQLyog. The Linux version of SJA is free, and can be downloaded from webyog.com.

In particular, SJA automates and schedules two types of jobs:

  • Synchronization of data between two MySQL hosts
  • Generation, formatting, and distribution of personalized emails with results from a query

You can also use SJA as a command-line tool that accepts as one parameter a Job Definition file encoded in XML. You can either create the Job Definition file manually from the command line, or use one of the wizards included with SQLyog. You don't need to know anything about XML or the Job Definition schema to create your job files. Linux users can use only the command prompt option.

This article demonstrates how to set up and schedule SQLyog Notification Services using SJA for Windows.

SQLyog's Notification Services Wizard
First of all, you need to install SQLyog. A 30-day trial version is available at webyog.com. After installation, start up the SQLyog Notification Services in the Tools menu. Figure 1 shows the first screen you will see.

Figure 1: Notification Services Wizard Startup

This page allows you to create a new notification services session or to edit an existing session.

Select Start a new Session and click Next to start a new email notification session.

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