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Database Development Zone Archives

Find Indices on a Table in MySQL - 10/09/2018
Adding a New Column in a Specific Position - 10/04/2018
Get Detailed Information on Tables in MySQL - 09/28/2018
Find Tables with an XML Column - 09/27/2018
Finding Duplicate Data Available for Multiple Records - 09/24/2018
Update the Metadata of a Database Object - 09/20/2018
Understanding the INSTR Function - 09/14/2018
Find Tables Referenced by Foreign Keys - 09/13/2018
SQL Not Equal To Operator - 09/07/2018
Trimming Decimal Places Using TRUNCATE - 09/03/2018
Getting Information About the Structure of Tables in SQL - 08/29/2018
Using MySqlCheck - 08/28/2018
Tip: Using MySqlCheck - 08/28/2018
Understanding Usage of the Position Function - 08/24/2018
Obtain the Oldest Open Transaction - 08/23/2018
Speed Up Entity Framework Queries - 08/21/2018
Compare Only Alphabetic Values - 08/16/2018
Improve Performance of Select Queries with LIMIT Keyword in MySQL - 08/13/2018
Fetching Common Records Between Two Tables - 08/09/2018
Optimize Your SQL Queries with Schema Names - 08/03/2018
Replace Spaces and New Lines with One SQL Statement - 08/02/2018
Setting a Default NULL Date in SQL - 07/26/2018
Determine Which Providers Are Installed on Your Server - 07/19/2018
Understand Permissions Granted to a User in MySQL - 07/17/2018
Understanding the REPLACE Command in MySQL - 07/13/2018
SET ARITHABORT ON - 07/12/2018
Import Excel Data into SQL - 07/06/2018
Finding Collations - 06/28/2018
Temporary Tables in MySQL - 06/22/2018
Determine Which Version of SQL You Are Running - 06/21/2018
DateDiff_BIG Function - 06/14/2018
Understanding the DAYOFWEEK Function in MySQL - 06/08/2018
Display the Contents of a Stored Procedure - 06/07/2018
Replacing Strings in Your Output - 05/31/2018
Commands to Backup and Restore Data onto a New Database - 05/29/2018
Find Duplicates in Your Table - 05/24/2018
Using the STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server - 05/22/2018
Understanding the GRANTS for the Current User in MySQL - 05/21/2018
Handy Function to Test for Email Validity - 05/17/2018
Bypassing the Row Values Updated or Deleted Error - 05/10/2018
Enable SQL Server to Run Stored Procedures at Server Startup - 05/03/2018
How to Include All Values in a Date Range - 04/26/2018
Access Previous Row Value and Next Row Value - 04/19/2018
Quick Tip for Removing Ambiguity in Database Queries - 04/16/2018
How to Check for a NULL Value and an Empty String - 04/12/2018
Finding the Difference Between 2 Dates in MySQL - 04/09/2018
Quickly Get a List of Database Tables in MySQL - 04/06/2018
Easily Get the Inserted Identity in SQL - 04/05/2018
Statistics IO and Statistics Time - 03/29/2018
Connecting to a MySQL Database from the Command Prompt - 03/26/2018
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