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Integrate Your Inventory System with the eBay SDK

eBay provides a Software Development Kit that makes it easy for .NET developers to create applications that incorporate the eBay marketplace. This article explains how to build a working example application that integrates with eBay.


f you're involved in creating applications for manufacturing or retailing organizations, unless those businesses are the size of roadside taco stands, you probably already have some kind of inventory management system—more than likely built around a product database. In the code download for the sample project that accompanies this article, I've included a very simple example inventory database in Microsoft Access format (of course, your real database can be any type). This sample project that accompanies this article uses this inventory database as the basis for the integration project.

As with any kind of integration project, the task involves writing a little glue code to make your existing system communicate with an external service. Sprinkling a little XML and HTTP pixie dust helps make this go more smoothly, as you probably know.

Figure 1 contains a high-level diagram that shows how all the pieces fit together.

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