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Integrate Your Inventory System with the eBay SDK : Page 2

eBay provides a Software Development Kit that makes it easy for .NET developers to create applications that incorporate the eBay marketplace. This article explains how to build a working example application that integrates with eBay.




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The Inventory Integration Utility
The inventory integration utility is a VB .NET Windows Forms application with two DataGrid controls and two buttons (see Figure 2). The left DataGrid contains a list of items in the local inventory system. The application retrieves that information from the local database using a conventional query (the control is bound to an ADO.NET DataSet). On the right side of the form is another DataGrid containing the items your company currently lists for sale on eBay. That grid will be empty the first time you run the application, but it will fill up with data as you list items. The grid gets its data by retrieving an XML document from eBay through a call to the eBay SDK.

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