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Use the Power of Reflection to Dynamically Set SharePoint Web Part Properties : Page 2

While SharePoint's User Defined Site Template saves you work by allowing users to tweak their interface designs themselves, allowing them to save site templates creates work for you. If you want to tip the workload balance back in your favor, a little Reflection can go a long way.




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Why Modify Web Part Properties at Run Time?
One of the most common issues that enterprise developers and consultants face when they start the customization of their SharePoint Technologies environments is the customization of Web parts. Though it is possible to set your Web parts properties design time, in order for your content to be dynamic, you'll need to set and/or change some properties at run time.

The Page Viewer Web part is a commonly used component allowing you to unify information dispersed across multiple systems in one central location in the form of a portal site. Though the Web part forms part of the SharePoint page, its content is not rendered from the server. Instead, the client interprets the "Link" property of the Page Viewer Web part and requests the content, subsequently displaying it in the Web part. This helps with single sign-on situations where the user's credentials will automatically provide the desired information.

A common problem with the Page Viewer Web part is that its content source is static—the URL provided in the "Link" property is set at design time and does not change. If a user want to target another URL value, they'll need to manually modify Page Viewer's properties. Having end users perform this activity is not realistic, so you'll want to find other ways for the system to manage and change these properties automatically.

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