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Extending ASP.NET with HttpHandlers and HttpModules  : Page 2

Write custom file handlers and filters with ease in ASP.NET that perform special request-handling, or alter requests either before or after they're processed by the ASP.NET engine.




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From a programmer's point of view, HttpHandlers and HttpModules are nothing but classes that implement certain interfaces. HttpHandlers must implement the IHttpHandler interface. Some built-in classes such as HttpApplication and Page already implement the IHttpHandler interface. Similarly, new HttpModule-derived classes must implement the IHttpModule interface. Again, the Framework contains built-in classes such as FormsAuthenticationModule and WindowsAuthenticationModule that already implement the IHttpModule interface. Both interfaces reside in the System.Web namespace.

The IHttpHandler interface is extremely simple. The interface consists of a read only property named IsReusable, which returns a Boolean value (typically true) indicating whether another request can use the IHttpHandler instance, and a ProcessRequest method, which takes a parameter of type HttpContext and performs the job of handling the extension.

[Visual Basic] ReadOnly Property IsReusable As Boolean Sub ProcessRequest(ByVal context As HttpContext) [C#] bool IsReusable {get;} void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context);

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