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Dealing with DllImport (Part 1 of 2)

Although the .NET framework encapsulates a large portion of the Win32 API, it's sometimes still necessary to call the API from your managed code using the DllImport attributeand that can get complicated.




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Learning to program for the .NET Framework has been an interesting experience. I use the term "interesting" loosely: it has sometimes been amazingly easy, and sometimes unexpectedly frustrating.

For instance, I was writing a simple chat application with Windows Forms in C# and thought it would be good to grab the users' workstation and login names to identify each participant, rather than generate yet another CB-type handle like the instant messenger programs do. "Simple," I thought, "I'll just call GetUserName and GetComputerName." But when I searched the .NET Framework documentation for those Win32 API functions, I couldn't find them.

After a little bit of browsing, I gave up. "Well," I thought, "I can always use P/Invoke," meaning the Platform Invocation facility in .NET used to call DLL functions. "That shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to set up."

I looked up the first Win32 API function:

BOOL GetUserName( LPTSTR lpBuffer, // name buffer LPDWORD nSize // size of name buffer );

The GetUserName function is implemented in advapi32.dll, so I added the following code to my C# program:

using System.Runtime.InteropServices; //... [DllImport("advapi32.dll")] public static extern bool GetUserName( _ Byte[] lpBuffer, int nSize); //... Byte[] b=new Byte[100]; int n=100; bool rc=GetUserName(b, n); //kaboom!

Here System.Runtime.InteropServices is the namespace that supports DllImport, and DllImport is an attribute that means you're importing an unmanaged function from a DLL.

When I ran that code, I discovered that it threw a System.NullReferenceException when it tried to call GetUserName.

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