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Create Owner-Draw List and Combo Boxes with .NET  : Page 3

Learn to use the DrawMode settings with ListBoxes and ComboBoxes to create and display customized items.




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Example 2: Drawing Items with Variable Width and Height
Here's another example. The items you create don't all have to be the same width and height. To create an owner-drawn list or combo box with variable item heights and widths, set the DrawMode property to OwnerDrawVariable. Then, implement a method that handles the MeasureItem event, which accepts a sender (Object), and a System.Windows.Forms.MeasureItemEventArgs argument. The sample form frmColorListBox displays all the known system colors and their names in a combo box. The items themselves vary between 20 and 40 pixels in height. It's contrived and ugly (see Figure 2), but serves to illustrate the point.

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