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Create Overloaded Methods in VB.NET : Page 3

VB.NETs method overloading allows VB programmers to develop different logic for methods that share the same name. Edward Cartagena shows how overloaded methods in VB.NET eliminates workarounds and gives VB programmers more time to develop business solutions.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

So why use overloaded methods at all? The following are the advantages that method overloading offers:
  • Method overloading gives a standard interface to the intent of the methods. A person calling the method has a clear understanding of what the method will do and what arguments it needs.
  • Overloaded methods work better with other languages that do not accept optional parameters (like C#, C++, and Java) to call the method.
  • The code is cleaner. You no longer need to clutter your code to figure out which logic to use based on the arguments.
  • The compiler will identify invalid arguments at compile time, helping to alleviate bugs associated to arguments during runtime.

How'd You Ever Get Along Without It?
After using method overloading for just a short time, I believe VB programmers will look back and wonder how they ever got along without it. Freed from the burden of figuring out how to create workarounds for overloading a method, VB programmers can devote more time to what they do best--developing business

Edward Cartagena is an independent consultant. to reach him by e-mail.
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